Today I graduated from my 2.5 years of graduate study in Marriage and Family Therapy. I finally made it. And as part of the celebration of this completion, my program requires that every graduate present their own experiences of their journey in a 30 minutes presentation. We were told to be creative and so, being the… Continue reading Human


From Filth to Holiness: A Testimony

For many years I lived a life believing that I was filthy, that I made too many mistakes, that I had too much baggage, and that I have ruined any chance of a wonderful marriage, a great future, and a potential fulfilled within God’s purposeful plan for me. I had screwed it up, I made… Continue reading From Filth to Holiness: A Testimony

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Making Friends with Loneliness

It started with a sudden drop, a gasping of breath, a sharp inhale that caught in my throat, rapidly intensifying into a shaking that seized my body, debilitating every ounce of logic and sense until all I could hear, all I could feel, all I could think, was the deafening thumping in my chest and what… Continue reading Making Friends with Loneliness


The Greatest Compliment I Could’ve Ever Received

“Something seems different about you, something about you have changed. I feel like there’s a joy in you that seem to be flowing out from the inside. It’s very genuine, it’s different, it’s real. It’s like you’re lighter as a person.” (translated from mandarin) A woman told me this one Tuesday evening as we were… Continue reading The Greatest Compliment I Could’ve Ever Received

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I am Seen: A Testimony

This past weekend I attended a conference in LA. It was only one day and it ran from 7 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening. Although I did not expect much or knew what exactly it was about, I walked into that stadium alongside hundreds of thousands of people in faith, awaiting an… Continue reading I am Seen: A Testimony

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4 Ways to Practice Self-respect Without Being a B*tch About It

Self-respect. Oh what a simple yet complicated concept. For many years I thought I knew what it meant and more than quick enough to point out those who have none. Oftentimes, we may look at this word as a mesh-up of all the other “self-things” that we know we should have but deep down we… Continue reading 4 Ways to Practice Self-respect Without Being a B*tch About It

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Dear God…

takes deep breath, here goes nothing… ———————————- Dear God, I had such ambitions, such expectations, such dreams of being this person that I would look at and feel proud of, a role model that would illuminate the best of myself, a reflection of you, a reflection of your fingerprint. Because of you, I learned the… Continue reading Dear God…