From Filth to Holiness: A Testimony

For many years I lived a life believing that I was filthy, that I made too many mistakes, that I had too much baggage, and that I have ruined any chance of a wonderful marriage, a great future, and a potential fulfilled within God’s purposeful plan for me. I had screwed it up, I made… Continue reading From Filth to Holiness: A Testimony

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Making Friends with Loneliness

It started with a sudden drop, a gasping of breath, a sharp inhale that caught in my throat, rapidly intensifying into a shaking that seized my body, debilitating every ounce of logic and sense until all I could hear, all I could feel, all I could think, was the deafening thumping in my chest and what… Continue reading Making Friends with Loneliness


The Greatest Compliment I Could’ve Ever Received

“Something seems different about you, something about you have changed. I feel like there’s a joy in you that seem to be flowing out from the inside. It’s very genuine, it’s different, it’s real. It’s like you’re lighter as a person.” (translated from mandarin) A woman told me this one Tuesday evening as we were… Continue reading The Greatest Compliment I Could’ve Ever Received

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I am Seen: A Testimony

This past weekend I attended a conference in LA. It was only one day and it ran from 7 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening. Although I did not expect much or knew what exactly it was about, I walked into that stadium alongside hundreds of thousands of people in faith, awaiting an… Continue reading I am Seen: A Testimony

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4 Ways to Practice Self-respect Without Being a B*tch About It

Self-respect. Oh what a simple yet complicated concept. For many years I thought I knew what it meant and more than quick enough to point out those who have none. Oftentimes, we may look at this word as a mesh-up of all the other “self-things” that we know we should have but deep down we… Continue reading 4 Ways to Practice Self-respect Without Being a B*tch About It

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Dear God…

takes deep breath, here goes nothing… ———————————- Dear God, I had such ambitions, such expectations, such dreams of being this person that I would look at and feel proud of, a role model that would illuminate the best of myself, a reflection of you, a reflection of your fingerprint. Because of you, I learned the… Continue reading Dear God…

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296.– (F32)

Foreword: the following is a monologue style showcase, the first of several, of a project that I have been wanting to exhibit in order to bring awareness to the many real struggles that we, as people, encounter in the ever fascinating and extrinsic fabric of our cognitive lives. It is also a personal documentation of… Continue reading 296.– (F32)